Wayne Onward Opportunities Workshops

This is the second round of engagement in a series of workshops as part of the Wayne Onward process. We have taken into consideration what we heard in the first round of workshops, as well as technical analysis to develop draft goals and big ideas that you will see below. We will use this feedback moving forward as we develop the draft plan. The activities below mimic the activities at the Opportunities Workshops on March 5th and 7th.

Wayne Onward Opportunities Workshop

Activity 1 Rating Draft Goals

The following goals outline aspirations and intended outcomes for the Wayne County Comprehensive Plan. Please indicate how strongly you support each goal on a scale from 1-5 with 1 being "no support" and 5 being "complete support." Use the comment area below each goal to suggest clarifications or other thoughts.
1 - no support, 5- complete support

Activity 2 Key Questions

1 - not important, 5 - extremely important
1 - not important, 5 - extremely important
1 - not important, 5 - extremely important
Opportunities Map

Activity 3 Review Opportunities Map

Please tell us about yourself

This information will help the planning team know how participation compares to Wayne County demographics. The exit questionnaire below was also given to participants at the Opportunities Workshops. Responses are anonymous.

Exit Questionnaire Opportunities